Child of Uranus – Aquarius’s between 20 January – 17 February

You were born different. There are many people who choose to be different. They enjoy going against the grain or revel in tipping sacred cows. Yet after their fling with rebellion is over, they return to the status quo- often embracing it more powerfully than they did before. You, on the other hand, never really felt like you belonged. There may have been a lot of upsets in your early upbringing. Perhaps your family moved around a lot or there were times when one or maybe even both parents had to be away for extended periods. Then again you might have come on the scene a little too early or too late to enjoy the comfort and security of a stable environment. There is an out-of-sync quality built into your psyche. An unsettling restlessness makes you uncertain as to whether you should stay or go. Loved ones may chide you, saying you just don’t know what you want. Friends might make light of your tendencies to “rock the boat.” Yet what drives you isn’t so much a profound dissatisfaction as it is an innate sense that you’re just not getting it. There must be something more to what you’re looking at. You can’t help feeling like you’re poring over the small corner of a far bigger picture.”(according to Astrologist Christopher Renstrom)

Funnily enough, this feels like me to an asbolute T! 
Yes, I’m bored at work this Thursday; take no heed, thankyouverymuch.

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