A Very Suspicious Death: What REALLY Happened To The Beloved Man Ebu Sarr?! (First Post)

The Suspicious Death Of Ebrima Sarr

It’s been over 3 years since his death (may he rest in peace). Is there any “new” information as to what occurred and how this tragedy happened? What did they find from the autopsy? Can’t seem to find any follow-up information to this case so if anyone knows anything please do tell.

Ebu was a wonderful man, one of the most kind and sincere people I’ve ever met, and it really saddens that it appears as though the police have given up on finding out what really happened. I would see him almost daily at the gas station and we would always chat about this and that for a few moments and he often would help me with my car (switch out a lightbulb, pour in washing fluid/oil, etc.). He is greatly missed and I hope his family will have closure to his passing sooner than later. I, for one…

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US officials concealing reports that prove unsafe lead in drinking water in every city east of Mississippi River

Documents seen by The Guardian reveal questionable practices that mean people’s drinking water is at risk in ‘every major city east of the Mississippi’ for having unsafe levels of lead content.

This is utterly messed up! I’ve wondered about this for awhile and seems worst fears are now factual. I hate contributing to the already massive plastic bottle waste, not to mention spending money just to have “quality” drinking water, but I think we’ll play it safe by buying water by the gallon. The US is fastly starting to feel more 3rd world every year as things seem to regress rather than progress. Maddening! And the officials that have and have had previous knowledge about this, including the ineffective EPA, should be punished to the full extent of the law. IMHO, jailed without bail. People, we have to do something to make sure the powers that be have are accountable and honest to the people to whom they’ve sworn to serve anc protect : us citizens! But what exactly?

Read the investigative in its entirety straight from the source:

US authorities distorting tests to downplay lead content of water

Child of Uranus – Aquarius’s between 20 January – 17 February

You were born different. There are many people who choose to be different. They enjoy going against the grain or revel in tipping sacred cows. Yet after their fling with rebellion is over, they return to the status quo- often embracing it more powerfully than they did before. You, on the other hand, never really felt like you belonged. There may have been a lot of upsets in your early upbringing. Perhaps your family moved around a lot or there were times when one or maybe even both parents had to be away for extended periods. Then again you might have come on the scene a little too early or too late to enjoy the comfort and security of a stable environment. There is an out-of-sync quality built into your psyche. An unsettling restlessness makes you uncertain as to whether you should stay or go. Loved ones may chide you, saying you just don’t know what you want. Friends might make light of your tendencies to “rock the boat.” Yet what drives you isn’t so much a profound dissatisfaction as it is an innate sense that you’re just not getting it. There must be something more to what you’re looking at. You can’t help feeling like you’re poring over the small corner of a far bigger picture.”(according to Astrologist Christopher Renstrom)

Funnily enough, this feels like me to an asbolute T! 
Yes, I’m bored at work this Thursday; take no heed, thankyouverymuch.

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I’m unsure sure why the suicide of Jim Carrey’s on/off 28-year old Irish girlfriend, Cathriona White, has hit me as deep as it has but I feel like saying something about it. (x-posted on ONTD yesterday). 

So sad. Just goes to show that depression doesn’t discriminate and how serious the illness can be left untreated or ignored. It can, for some, be so insidious, even for those who “have it all” by society’s standards, such as poor Cathriona.  I rarely comment here on ONTD anymore for some reason this story has really touched me deeply and my heart bleeds for her family and loved ones. IMO, Carrey’s words about her was quite eloquent and beautiful: 

“…She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled.”  

Many of us with depression (and/or suicidal ideation/tendencies) know how the drudgery of ife – even the most mundane, day-to-day aspects of living – can wear out one’s soul. If left alone too long, festering, one’s chances of life are hugely diminished, as we can see here. I don’t mean any disrespect to Cathriona, her family and her friends. It’s usually impossible to know the depths someone has reached unless that person can find a way to share it, but in doing so can be and feel daunting and seem even more burdensome in and of itself, hence depressions insidious nature ala the downward spiral. 

May you forever rest in peace, sweet lady.
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Paper vs Digital Newspaper Readership/Subscribers – Just Some Thoughts

A Reckless Mind

Why must everything always be an “either / or” thing?

Why can’t they just cater to both sides? Why must we have to pick one or the other? What if I use both formats interchangeably and would rather not ever have to make a reading choice based solely on the fact of print format being inaccessible? I mean, digital media is the newest reading format so obviously all the publishers must jump on that bandwagon. That’s completely understandable and very important to us now and in the future. But, in my opinion, that doesn’t (nor should it) make print any less important!

As someone who was born in the 80’s, went to school in 90’s, graduating high school year 2000, and university in 2004, I am equally comfortable with using both print and digital formats, and I think most others from my generation are likely to say the same thing…

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Help save the bees

Please SIGN this EMERGENCY petition to save the bees!

If you care about fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, flowers, food, nature, life, etc., the PLEASE sign the petition below ASAP. It literally takes 15  seconds (no complex sign-up req’d) to do it, and those 15 seconds you take could possibly affect the fate of honey bees, and ultimately, our own survival  NO BEES = NO FOOD. The company, BAYER, is lobbying hardcore to be able to use pesticides which are even more toxic than DDT and, naturally, this group of extremely toxic chemicals have the ability to wipe out the entire bee population. We need the bees – they’re the #1 pollinator on earth and are irreplaceable. Sign.