About this blahg jammy

This here blawwwg is simply a smörgåsbord of my own eclectic thoughts, ideas, feelings, and observations. Oh, and perhaps, just a smidgen of love/hate misanthropy thrown in along with the mental trappings of life, complete with the odd smattering of my own observations and possibly (quite!) self-centered notions I find myself mulling and over longer than usual – and have the rare time to post about).  

As always the journey of life is but on a constant continuum – the good, the bad, and the cruel, cold, spastic world us warm-blooded human mammalians are forever musing, even yearning to figure it all out. 

… Not to sound dystopian or anything.


A January Muse


I’m a bit of a cynical optimist and can’t help but to weigh both sides of each and almost every penny. This is a good quality to have in general (empathetic) yet it can freeze or hinder one if you let it go to far and making simple decisions can start to feel overwhelmingly impossible to do. This is something I am trying change so as to unburden myself and close ones in my life.

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